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Rivers Edge at Bodi Lake (Bod-hi)
Dawn new Gluten Detection Service Dog Prospect in training
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Dawn Scheu Pictured with Willow Kai Chick Gami-JH, CGC, TKN
 ICE Int Hnr CH, IABC Int CH Salex Aurita of Flying M- TKN

Dawn Scheu- AAS

Professional Service Dog Trainer 

Dunbar Academy
Canine Communication Certified #8XGN2X94
AKC CGC and Trick Dog Evaluator

 SAR-URBAN 1998-2001-GLSAR

Therapy Dogs 2000-20010- Delta Society
O.D.O.R. Scent & PAT Evaluator
APDT-CLASS Instructor & Evaluator

BAT-Behavioral Adjustment Training 2.0

Puppy Culture

Professional Memberships

APDT-Association for Professional Dog Trainers
IAABC-International Association for Behavioral Consultants
ABMA-Animal Behavior Management Alliance
PPG- Pet Professional Guild


Teaching Experience

E-Training for Dogs Seeing Through a Dogs Nose

Webinar Presenter 
Willow Service Dogs Internship Instructor


Dawn has over 20 years of experience as a Professional Dog Trainer. Dawn started her career training search and rescue dogs (SAR) in the year 1998 certifying in 2000. She also began working her SAR dog as a Therapy Dog visiting nursing homes from 2000 to 2010. In 2010 Dawn was diagnosed with Celiac and in 2012 Refractory Celiac nearly cost her her life with a poor prognosis Dawn began researching to learn everything she could about gluten as an odor to be able to train Willow the 2nd gluten detection dog ever trained. Due to the prevalence of gluten in the environment, Dawn was the first to apply a controlled search to service work for any type of food detection. Since that time  Dawn has trained more than 30 successful gluten detection teams. She also has trained several dogs in multiple odor detection along with duel alerts.  She wrote the original Gluten & Allergen Standards which have now been implemented by dog trainers internationally.  Dawn is a webinar presenter and teacher in the area of gluten and allergen detection. Dawn continues her education and has expanded into other areas of service work such as medical alerts and other scent-based tasks. Dawn is pictured with Willow and Aurita her personal Gluten Detection/Mobility Assistance Dogs. along with her new Puppy Bodhi who has begun training as Willow's replacement as Willow has been diagnosed with a large mass in her lung retiring her from service. Dawn also competes in sport dog activities earning titles in Hunting, Conformation, Obedience and Trick's.

Willow Service Dogs L.L.C offers 300 hour scent and public access dog training internship programs for dog trainers who have or are obtaining professional dog training education through a recognized dog training educational organizations/certifying body and would like to learn more by working directly with clients and dogs to achieve the advanced skills necessary to specialize in the area of scent detection service dog tasks.

Lynne Murray-AS
Early Childhood Education

Dunbar Academy-Student
Gluten Detection Experience
Traveling Nose Work
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