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Bidhi and I.PNG
UKC CH Rivers Edge at Bodi Lake TKN CGC, OPPT, OGAD  Call Name (Bod-hi)
Dawn new Gluten Detection Service Dog 
Dawn Girls 812018.PNG

Dawn Scheu AAS, EMT, CNA, 
Dunbar Academy

CPD-Canine Communication Certified #8XGN2X94

AKC CGC and Trick Dog Evaluator
Puppy Culture

Low Stress Handling

Professional Service Dog Trainer, SAR Trainer,  Pet Therapy Volunteer, to Gluten Detection Specialist.  Dawn has over 25 years of experience training dogs. She holds several professional memberships, including ABMA, APDT, PPG, IAABC. And continues her studies in science-backed dog training, behavioral science, and scent detection. The methods she uses are force, fear, and intimidation free and follow LIMA.


Dawn specializes in gluten and allergen detection service dogs and has experience with training dogs for Autism, PTSD, and Medical Detection. Dawn has trained over 30 gluten detection dogs and is a pioneer in her field being the first to utilize a controlled search with both a trained indication behavior and a trained all clear behavior giving dogs the ability to perform detection work in an odor-filled environment. The All Clear behavior is to increase accuracy based on Ken Ramirez’s research on training all clears.

Dawn's first training experience started when she joined a SAR Team (search and rescue) training and certifying Sadie her first dog in urban and wilderness then mentoring many other teams. She also certified Sadie with Delta Society now Pet Partners and began visiting nursing homes. She also trained pet dogs as a hobby until she was diagnosed with a rare form of celiac called refractory sprue type 1. Due to her struggles with gluten contamination, she trained her first gluten detection dog, Willow. To save her own life.

Dawn has earned titles with her personal dogs in the areas of Scent Work, Obedience, Confirmation, Hunting, and Tricks.

Dawn’s experience as a Paramedic, Hospice Care, and  Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation along with her own personal health gives her insight and compassion into the struggles her clients face every day helping her to guide her clients through training on the hard days to achieve a day of success.


Teak and I in the park 2021.jpg
Flying M's Teak by Willows Creek TKN,VHMP
Lynn Kazi and Max.PNG
Lynne Murray-AS
Early Childhood Education
Professional Dog Trainer
Assistant Trainer

Dunbar Academy-Student
Gluten Detection Experience

Traveling Nose Work
WSD Internship

Pictured with Max and Kazi her Personal Gluten Detection Dogs

Quin Gluten Detection Dog in Training

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