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Int Hnr Ch, Int CH Salex Aurita of Flying M-TKN

Aurita Vest in show.PNG

Dawn got Aurita at 10 weeks old to be trained as a back up service dog for Willow.  Aurita competed in her first conformation event at 10 months old earining her first title and a Best in Show. She now has earned titles as an Int Hnr CH in ICE (International Canine Events) and a Int CH in IABCA (International All Breed Canine Asoceation)

Autrita Pumpkins.PNG

Aurita began her gluten detection training at 10 weeks old and was working in the home checking packages and open plates by 6 months of age. Since that time she has passed her PAT (Public Access Test), learned mobility tasks, asthma alerts and counter balance. We also dabble in trick training and she has earned her title in AKC Trick Novice (TKN)

Aurita on Point.PNG

After finishing all her service dog training, Aurita began training for her hunting title when Dawn fell ill from gluten contamination. She did not have dogs check a medication she had been taking for 6 years. Who knew they would add a new coating.  Dawn was sick and feel into refractory putting Aurita Hunt training on hold. Hopefully we can get back to it in 2020.

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