The video below demonstrates why I never train gluten or any allergen in powdered form. Small lightweight particles can easily become airborne causing contamination to other training supplies

Willow told us Cheerios were not safe for Celiacs before

Gluten Free Watchdog

Christina and Luna working in a grocery store for the first time. Christina did a internship with me and now owns 
Luna Service Dogs Inc.

Willow practicing some obedience training. There is so much more

that a service dog

 needs to know besides  detection work. Around 3/4 of the time spent training a service dog is in the area of obedience and manners.

Piper just turned one and Katie's health has never been better. She has not been glutened or had any broken bones in over 6 months. This is a clip of the first year of training. Piper still has a minimum of 6 more moths working and proofing in public before she will be ready for graduation from the program.

Video above
Aurita's public access training was especially difficult, as Michigan law no longer protects Service Dogs in Training. All of Aurita's public access training was done in dog-friendly stores. Public access is extremely important to the training process. A Service Dog needs to remain calm, comfortable and follow commands in any environment, under any circumstances. The video above covers some of Aurita's Public Access training. All of the videos were taken when she was under 11 months old. 

Jess and Harold demonstrate learning to check products for gluten cross contamination with distractions in the public. This is one of the most difficult of tasks. Service dogs must be able to ignore the public and perform the task it was trained on no matter what is going on in the environment.

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