Completed Internship List


                                                          Internship program

This page contains a list of those who have earned an approved internship through Willow Service Dogs L.L.C.. If a trainer is claiming they have completed an internship with Willow Service Dogs L.L.C  After completion each intern will earn a certificate of completion from me in the areas of completion.


  • Gluten and Allergen Detection

  • Medical Detection

  • Tracking and Articles

  • Obedience 


The Willow Service Dogs L.L.C internship requires the following for completion.

  •  A minimum of 300 hours total from sitting in on sessions with my clients, taking the lead trainer position in sessions with me present, evaluating videos, and training their dog, client dog, or a friend's dog. Only 150 hours can come from working in person with the same dog.

  • Time spent researching scent studies and sharing in the Facebook group to discuss with other interns and those who have completed the internship program. 

  • Taking the lead as a trainer in sessions with clients with my supervision

  • Final Practical Exam- The intern must submit a video for evaluation using their own dog, client's dog or friend's dog they trained, They may also use a client's dog they interned under that shows the dog is able to work for them or the client in a practical real world way. The video evaluation will be scored and must meet the minimum standards adopted by ODOR Service Dogs Inc. in the specialty area they are interning for. Some interns will earn internships in more than one area. If testing their own dog exceeding the standard by including the handler bios removal options is recommended. 

    Internship List:

    Christina de Juan -Gluten/Allergen Detection- Complete 
    Crescent Service Dogs.

    Melissa Cushman - Tracking-Gluten/Allergen Complete
    Melissa Cushman Dog Training

    Lynne Murray-Gluten/Allergen-Complete

    Katie Jones - Gluten/Allegan & Medical Detection-Complete

    Alicia Licona-Gluten/Allergen Detection-Complete

    Annie Englehardt-Gluten/Allergen, Medical Detection & Tracking- Complete
    Medi-Dogs L.L.C.

    Elisa Gibson- Pending

    Kim Poison- In Process


Lynne WSD Internship Certificate.PNG



My mission is to teach my interns what is needed to be able to train a real world working service dog that is able to perform scent detection, tasks, and obedience a person needs to navigate their world reliably in all environments