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 How the Program Works

This is a distance learning program. I meet with each client three days per week for an hour each session using the Zoom video conferencing platform. Each session is live in real time. I then work with you as you work your dog following the directions I have given you. I will also use my dogs as needed to show you examples while I explain the training objective.


I also have a secret Facebook page for clients to work together as a group. You can upload training videos ask questions and get support from myself and  other teams in the program.

Good handler skills and basic canine knowledge are also a must for for service dog teams. In my program you will learn



  • Scent Work Foundation Skills and Odor Principles

  • How to Read Calming Signals and Stress

  • Classical and Operant Conditioning

  • Service Dog Laws

  • Housebreaking your Puppy

  • Crate Training

  • Routine Care and Hygiene

  • When to see your vet.

  • How to Interact in and with the Public

  • Loose Leash Walking and Obedience Skills

  • Tasks Work Specialized to your Needs

  • Trick Training

  • Nutrition and Fitness


To graduate form the Willow Service Dogs L.L.C program the team will perform three areas of testing using the Association For Professional Dog trainers (APDT)  CLASS Program. This program provides foundation skills to help prepare the team to transition Obedience to the public access training and prepare for the Public Access Test (PAT) through O.D.O.R. Service Dogs Inc. (ODOR)
All service dogs teams working in the area of detection based tasks will take a detection reliability test through ODOR in the appropriate area (Gluten & Allergen Detection Test) (Medical Scent Based Detection Test) (ODOR Public Access Test (ODOR-PAT Test)
All of your testing through ODOR will be performed by an Evaluator other than myself.

If this all seems like allot, you are right. Training and handling a service dog is a HUGE commitment and responsibility. All of the testing is to make sure you graduate as a wonderful working team with a relationship of mutual respect, trust and love .  By performing your final testing with an unbiased ODOR Evaluator other than myself, you will have confidence that your dog is performing to standards in task and odor reliability giving you confidence that I truly have taught you and your canine partner what you need to know to keep you and your dog happy, safe and healthy.

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