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 We have updated our price packages for your convenience and will be offering more options to make a program designed to fit you and your dogs needs. The options are as follow: On average it takes 18 to 24 months to train a service dog. Missed sessions are non refundable.

Single Session $125
This is designed for owner trainers or Professional Dog Trainers who wants to ask something simple that can be accomplished in less than one hour.

Professional Trainers wanting to learn how to teach a controlled search for gluten and allergen detection I would recommend purchasing The Professional Trainer Package.

Four Sessions $300
This package is for persons wanting to pay monthly. Sessions will be scheduled one day per week.


Eight Sessions $500
This package is for the person who wants to pay monthly. Sessions will be scheduled twice per week.



12 Sessions $600
This package is for the person who wants to pay monthly. Sessions will be scheduled three times per week.


Complete Package- $13,200
With Contract (Contracts are individualized to your training needs) This will include sessions 3 days per week. Package includes Obedience using the APDT-Class Program, All Individualized Task Training, Public Access Training and O.D.O.R Service Dogs Inc PAT  and Detection Reliability Testing.  



Willow Service Dogs L.L.C- Professional  Packages


Single Consultation  $275

This is designed for someone who is owner training and needs some assistance in an area they are struggling with or for Professional Dog Trainers who need some assistance in an area of detection for two hour consultations.

Professional Trainer Package-$1,400
This is for trainers who already have detection experience wanting to learn how to train a controlled search for gluten and Allergen detection.
The Trainer must already have a dog imprinted on an odor to work with that is not for a medical use. The Program will be 16 weeks long with sessions once per week. We will be covering the following

  • Handling and preparing scent

  • Starting with control jars (6 weeks)

  • Advancing to checking products (4 weeks)

  • Mealtime Check (4 weeks) including checking open plates full of food

  • Fine tuning skills (2 weeks)

This program will be taught one on one individualized to the trainers needs and experience. You will be working your dog with me in live sessions. There will be no refunds for missed classes..

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