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Beginning April 4th, 2020 Willow Service Dogs L.L.C and Delta Tails have partnered to bring Jr Handler classes to you remotely for 10 weeks.


We have scheduled classes for Saturdays, so should the children return to public school, they can continue with the course. There are many valuable lessons for children to learn when working with animals. We hope you come join us.

You can purchase each week individually or all 10 weeks at a discounted price. The course has been priced to fit everyone’s pocketbook during these difficult and challenging times.

Classes are $2 each week or $15 for the full 10 weeks with a limit of 50 students per class.
You will need to download the free version of Zoom to your electronic device at the following link:

2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time
Ages 5 to 10 Years (a parent must be present during the session)
With Dawn Scheu & Blythe Neer

Week 1) Be a tree, Watch me and Hand target 
Week 2) Yes hands, No Hands, Kibble search (KS)
Week 3) Post it target, KS
Week 4 Body target/Nose Bump, KS
Week 5) Spin, Close Kitchen Cabinet KS
Week 6)Jump, KS
Week 7) Recall,  KS
Week 8)Under, KS
Week 9) With me (3 steps) KS
Week 10) Hide and Seek, KS


3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time
Ages 10 to 18 years
With Blythe Neer & Dawn Scheu

Week 1) Focus, Hand Target, Watch and Sit, Kibble Search (KS)

Week 2) Stand, Spin, KS

Week 3) 2 Paws Up, Jump (straight up), KS

Week 4) Recall, Over (hoop, bar, paper towel roll), KS

Week 5) Yes/No Hands, Go to Bed/Place, KS

Week 6) Down, Under, KS

Week 7) Crawl, Stay, KS

Week 8) 4 Paws, Review, KS

Week 9) Wait for Food, Push Ups, KS

Week 10) 5 Tricks/Succession, Graduation!

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After your application has been received an invoice will be sent to you
After your application has been received an invoice will be sent to you
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