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Teaching an "All Clear Alert," Adapted for the use in the Gluten  Detection Dog did not come easy and is proving to increase accuracy of the odor detection Service Dog. The development of Controlled SearchTM by Dawn Scheu of Willow Service Dogs L.L.C is now proving useful in the Allergen Alert Dog as well.  By presenting objects and teaching both an alert and an all clear we have been able to decrease the number of false alerts. Furthermore, by presenting items to the dog, we are able to use the dog in odor saturated environments where previously the dog would have been overwhelmed and wanting to alert on everything. When training Willow, it was the only way that made sense, from Dawn's experience working in K-9 SAR, she found a way for the dog to be truly useful to the Celiac. Dawn wrote the original gluten detection standards in April of 2016.
By working with other experienced scent trainers, together we have made tremendous advancements in Gluten Detection and Controlled SearchTM training over the last 6 years. I'm always open to advancing my education, learning new areas of the field, and work with other non-invasive dog trainers. Together we have been able to start a dog training network to continue to grow by launching scientific studies, expanding our collective experience and knowledge in the field of scent assistance dogs  

Dawn Scheu is currently President of O.D.O.R. Service Dogs, a new organization setting the standards for scent training and reliability in service dogs.

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